WOMEN :"Turn Your Passion To Money"

Most times, women make money online we tend to look at women as a gender that can’t really do anything, and eventually their career ends in the kitchen?, well, you too can………..


Well, this article is to tell you that most times we give the world that feeling that we can’t get our hands dirty. The honest truth is the world we live in has gone so bad, that we often forget our values as women, women should be treasured, valued above all. But given the society we live in most women are now measured by worth to the number of designers they have in their closet, ranging from shoes, bags, cloths, jewelry and even the cars in their garage, and as hurtful as it seems they get all that from prospective well-to-do men. The truth is, all this does count, but then they are just net worth, “WHAT EXACTLY CAN YOU OFFER/DO?” except being a woman with so much in her closet?

Every man out there, in as much as they admire your beauty and assets will still be interested in what you can offer from upstairs

Here are ideas you can think of trying out, so far, so good it’s working for anyone that tried and worked hard at it…..


Firstly, think of what you have passion for, what you like to do

when you figure that out try to invest in it, it could range from, designing, dancing, sewing, singing, cooking, writing, could be anything that comes fresh to you, like an inspiration, everything in this world we live in came as new, but with time it grew to be the best.

secondly, you may not have so much cash or nothing to begin with, then there you can ask.

This is where i can come in to suggest ideas.




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