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Today I happened to read through a burial brochure i picked somewhere, there were lots of significant things about the dead woman,
but what I was more interested in was her position as a wife(some may say I’m obsessed with love, romance, marriage and relationships). The thing is, I get inspiration from published articles or stories of women who have made reputable marks of love and support in their homes.
Certainly, It’s not every woman that is described as her husband’s best friend, or that she was his backbone or even a partner, especially given the issues we currently have in marriages. Most women forget to fulfill that function; The function of a best friend and back bone; the role of the neck.


In our busy entangled lives, we often forget:

It is unfortunate that some of these women pass on early leaving their husbands and family to grieve their loss,

however, it is a thing of great joy to have lived a very rich and rewarding life, albeit short. It doesn’t matter how long you live,
what is more important is what you will be remembered for…what memories have you been creating? What impact have you made in your 26, 35 or 50 years of living? You don’t have to have done anything globally awesome like discovering the cure for AIDS….all you need to do is start with being locally awesome…and then take it from there. Sounds weak, but i bet you it’s true.

I have thought about what will be said if I was to pass on, not a cheering thought but it was motivational. I was inspired to do
more with myself, to live each day like it was the last and be all that I can be today. This gift called “LIFE” may not be freely
given tomorrow, what then would you do? Would you have regrets? Would you be singing Celine’s “Coulda, woulda, shoulda’s?” Or would you be content?…….. Personally, I’d like to be remembered to have lived, loved and served!

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED FOR? What would you love to see on the tombstone? I don’t want to get too strict or emotional. I’m not trying to mess up your imagination or mind; I’m trying to send a message, and at the same time, MAKE COMMON SENSE.


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