USIAN BOLT Loses world record to Justin Gatlin


I happened to watch the Race where world fastest runner USIAN BOLT  came third, finishing at 9.95 seconds right behind the popular drug cheat Justin Gatlin who come first at 9.92 seconds and his fellow american counterpart Christian Coleman finished at 9.94secs. I want you to remember that this Gatlin just brought back the title back to the united states, after 10 whole years.

Imagine how much work, Gatlin has done to revive such greatness in such a long time. And don’t forget Gatlin who has served two drugs bans, and still got the morale to keep fighting and come back stronger. Now in our own lives, we tend ta give up even before the real suffering comes. Most times we expect everything to come as great and as beautiful all at once. But we can’t have all that you know.


You too can make world’s best record, no matter the kinda crimes you have been arraigned for in the past. It shouldn’t determine what you become. Hard work and dedication and hope for a greater day ahead makes us successful.

Give it time, and see the miracles happen. It took Gaitlin lots of hard work, but just about two seconds difference to make the hard work count.

Make up your mind this day to become “FIRST” and see everything going pretty well for ya.

#Diary of a critic writer

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