THESE THINGS HELPS REDUCE PERIOD CRAMPS for ladies that do have lotta issues with menstrual cycles

Most times women can’t stop to ask questions on how to stop painful cramps, most times it’s pretty painful, and anyone that doesn’t know or understand would think they are just acting all up.

But trust me if you know how much pain women go through, you would be supportive. I used to have this girlfriend and what she does is uhm run around and does a whole lotta crazy stuff. And the bad thing is she ends up telling the whole world she’s having cramps. Which according to my mum ain’t so great a news to share with public

Now lemme tell you one reasons why you have cramps:


During menstruation, there is flow of blood from the uterus (which sheds its lining once a month). The lining passes through a small opening in the cervix and out through the vaginal canal. Well, when this happens most importantly you need to be warm, if you are cold on the inside, you stand a chance of having cramps.

Its just like having a measured quantity of blood in a glass cup and putting it in a fridge. Once, it gets cold it blocks, that’s where the cramps start, your tubes gets blocked and hooks up in the lower abdomen, due to you can’t get them off..

So, “what do we do?” : When you are in your periods and have cramps try to take more of warm or possibly hot water.

secondly, girls that does exercises rarely have cramps, try doing some exercises.

Reduce your intake of caffeine, sugar, tobacco, salt, and alcohol.

Try to get rest, plenty of it..

And when you try all these and it doesn’t work, maybe you should contact a physician, just so you know the quantity of Ibuprofen you need(even thou, i never advice pills for menstrual cramps).

I hope this works for you?

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