Talking to a lady on SOCIAL MEDIA, you ignore a whole lotta things. And most often, you guy’s tend not to figure these things out, and at the end of the day still make the girl pissed off and mad at you.

Most times, you feel the girl is egocentric and full of herself, but the truth is, it’s your fault she’s acting up.

This article is gonna be addressing dudes on most of the mistakes ya’ll make, and even if i have tried talking to some of this men, where some listen and take corrections, but some are still very stubborn on working things out.

For all the wrong reasons, you don’t chat a girl up for the first time and ask her weird questions like:

Are you a virgin? : when was the last time you had sex? : What’s your parent’s occupation?, the truth is most girls see that as private talk, we ain’t like you guys that talk about everything freely.

Every girl has something she’s interested about and can’t stop talking about it. If you really like a girl and wanna get her involved in a conversation on social media, lemme share a tip.:


Visit her timeline: read up stuffs she posts about, look at her pictures, and take note of every detail.

Read up her posts, even the stuffs she shares, a girl has lotta pride and wouldn’t share what she doesn’t like. She will always make her interests known on her timeline.

Social medias like Facebook gives chances to learn more about someones’ likes and about them, try to view her likes and see the magic that single knowledge does.

The reason you need to know this stuffs is so you don’t say something that’s not in her interest (obviously, if you’re wooing a girl, you don’t talk about what you want at first, you have to go with what she wants and when she’s comfortable talking with you, trust me she will tell you all you need to know). Lemme give an example: a girl that posts keeping fit, dieting and looking good is one helluva fitness freak. So whatever you say to her should have to do with all that.

Then you can start a decent conversation


“hello there, i am (your name)…..then wait for a reply to come.

Most guys think, a girls’ profile is full of lies and all, but lemme give ya’ll a tip; a girl that lies about anything on her profile wouldn’t tell you something different till she feels comfortable with you.

So, my professional advice is play along with her, everything falls right in place.

Hope this article (TALKING TO A GIRL ON SOCIAL MEDIA) was helpful….

you can email me to give you more tips

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