This article MY MALE BESTIE is drawn straight outta my DIARY

I was born into a family of Four girls, and i happen to be the first issue. Growing up in a family of only girls got boring. And i talked to mum, if i could have male friends. Well, mum was very understanding and i was allowed to have male friends at a very early age of 7 years.

So, till now, it’s just my trend to keep male friends till lately i have this male bestie, he’s smart, cool, handsome, he’s got all i ever wanted in a bestie. We talk about everything, from the people we date to every other thing we do…It’s been fun having him around.

I am in a relationship, but he ain’t. And even thou we are very good friends he respects every decision i make. Respects my man. As unbelievable as it gets he gives me advice on how to be a good woman.

And most people see it like i am not supposed to have a male bestie, but i enjoy every second with him, we discuss our dreams….. Advice each other and support each other in everything.


It may seem wrong from all angles and every other person may think there’s more to that than being just friends, but i don’t really care.

What matters most to me, is i am comfortable with this person, and i a

You wanna know why i prefer a male bestie to all the women in the world?

read up my next article….. “WHY I PREFER A MALE BESTFRIEND


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