“Mum I’m not hungry leave me alone” 

I remember when I was a little…and anytime I did something bad and my mum had to flog me. After flogging me she would then ask me to go eat. . Eat wah?…..really? Well, to put up a show, I’ll say “I’m not gonna eat, mum has to beg me”, so I said what any angry (deranged) person would say…
‘I’m not hungry’
Well, the idea was to make mum feel bad, and sometimes even beg me to eat. When actually the lions and hyena’s in my tummy were already screaming and insulting me, but I had to lock up.
So I went into my room picked up a book and started reading…. the words became hazy and I suddenly felt like the earth was spinning….. aha, but I kept my focus and kept reading. 2 hours later I haven’t turned the page, I still believed I was reading. Well, I wasn’t. My brain was clogged.
Then I started planning on strategies…….on how I was going to go to the pot of soup and take small when everybody was fast asleep. Of all days for people in my family to stay up late it was this one. There’s no way I will cross from the room to the kitchen without anyone seeing me. “No, I cannot fall my hand”. I must vex all night long to prove my point. I should even refuse breakfast, after all, my mates in somalia have not eaten for 6 days and are yet to die.
No, you can’t die immediately from hunger’, I reasoned, well before I eventually die of hunger, I will have to go thin for few days or more. BUT by then my mother should have realized her mistake and begged me to eat’! At this stage I’m not sure what point I was trying to prove anymore but I had to keep acting.
To distract myself, I had to start counting things, and in the process, I figured the ceiling In the house actually had a pattern. I started counting the patterns. I started 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19,18,21,24,22……At that point, I realized I was not gonna get any better. Ok, I’m getting delirious with hunger…I heard my father’s footstep as he locked the doors to the house and retired for the night.
I tiptoed like a cat, gently…gently….3 more glorious steps and I’m in the kitchen….the animal kingdom in my stomach were rejoicing because the kind of Aroma coming from the kitchen was feeling different. Immediately I passed the dinning table I …I saw a plate of food there covered…’what is this food doing here…’? Before I could even complete my thoughts my mother arrived in the doorway and said… ‘you better eat before you die of hunger. “If you wan vex you can vex but make sure you eat that food”.
I don’t know if it is hunger or humility that made me sit transfixed to swallow the eba I was trying to vex not to eat. That day I learnt one lesson sha…. “NOT that mothers are kind-hearted, most are actually angels”.
I learnt Vexing and refusing good food makes no sense because you need food fuel the anger! This is why I feel sorry for men who refuse to eat their wife’s food to show her ‘pepper’……..actually you are ……OYO!
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