In this post, i am going to talk to ladies in general. But specifically models should LEARN CRAFTS. Most times, i see models parade themselves as just models without any backing at all. Every woman should learn to do something aside being just a woman that uses her beauty to sell and gain attention.

Sometime ago, i posted on a social media platform about a lady that was a model and still did make-up and wig-making as a craft.

Lots of ladies saw it as going below their level.

I’m not saying you have to do just that, but at the least try to learn maybe makeup, or designing of clothing and accessories. You could learn wig-making, V-logging, Blogging, music, writing, painting, catering, bead-making or even shoe-making.


The idea is, at the end of the day, when you must’ve been past d level of wearing crowns, and going for photo shoots and endorsements,  you can boast of a decent means to survive.

Besides, being a model most times doesn’t mean you get paid for every job you do.

As much as you enjoy and feel very comfortable modelling. I advice you pick a craft, we have a long list of things anyone could do at their convenience, and given the world we live in, you can as well learn online.

What keeps you on track after many years of being a model is “AFTERMATH”. If you aren’t able to do something positive being a model, then maybe you just failed the primary aim of modelling.

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