Listen up ladies, HUMILITY IS A VIRTUE

The fact that you don’t work to do your shopping, doesn’t warrant that you don’t take proper care of your clothes.

The fact that you’re a model or some broke-ass slay queen doesn’t mean you eat just about 1/3rd of the food you’ve been served.. Most times, ladies think it’s being a big girl, but the truth is you’re just as lowly as any other girl.

Do you even consider the feelings of the person that made the meal, or the farmer, that took his time to cultivate the land, nurtured it, harvested it and even processed it?

Did you even check how many kids go to bed hungry everyday?


Even God in the bible, after feeding the 5000, asked the disciples to gather the left over and account for it.

So, you the reader, how many baskets have you wasted?…and how much punishment do you think you deserve?

Most men don’t like that act, but they may not tell you, so you don’t get offended. You’re feeling to big to finish the meal you were served, forgetting the man that is paying the bills finished his. Who is fooling who?

No decent man keeps such a woman as a wife, you will always remain his side-chick. One virtue everyman look out for is HUMILITY

Men please, try to discourage this inhumane act, tell it as it is……let’s make this world what we want it to look like.

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MY HUMBLE ADVICE?…When you’re been asked out to a restaurant, make order for something you can eat and consume. And if you happen to have leftovers, request for a takeaway plate, package it and leave with it. On your way out, you will definitely see some homeless child that’s in dire need for food. Give it to him/her. They will be forever grateful and will bless you.

Such blessings stick to people.

Let’s stop wasting food and drinks, a large population of people go to bed hungry everyday……Be a woman with dignity and save children, not waste food claiming tush-lady.

#share to all women…

#lets save the dying kids

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