MEN: “Where in my history is my orgasm forbidden?

orgasm forbidden

THIS ARTICLE”MEN: “Where in my history is my orgasm forbidden”  IS DIRECTED TO BOTH MALE AND FEMALE FOLKS: In recent times, women are seen as sluts, even when they are caught in the same web as a man.
I remember the good old talk, when parents tell daughter, “so he made a mistake, he slept with another woman, let it go. Think about your children, your future. How will you live? Be mature. He goes out & works late, it must’ve just happened, don’t ruin your marriage. I’d love to hear that the other way around!.

But I don’t remember anyone ever saying, “he’s a man, his birthright is to fuck, and she’s a woman, she mustn’t enjoy the act. Only the man enjoys it, the woman does it to please him.” You know that conversation, right? “

“I skipped it somewhere. But it must’ve happened. Why else would they deprive me of my rights? Is it our culture? No, I don’t believe that “I’m not a gold necklace”, for God sakes!. You cannot weigh me, wear me, sell me, gift me, showcase me, or in current situations, even get tax on me.”

“Where in my history is my orgasm forbidden? If anything, it is the act of the woman enjoying herself that leads to a man’s orgasm. Think. Men don’t scream, don’t moan, they don’t call names – it’s us. We are vocal. But you tell me  I mustn’t enjoy it? Or I must only want it when you do? What about my sexuality is so disgusting to you? Is it my sexual  freedom… does it scare the shit out of you? Because it should. Anything beyond your control scares you. My past scares you. My future scares you. My education scares you. My ability to create life & nurture it scares you too!


“You don’t want to please me. You think this is all about you. Oh how wrong you are, I let you believe it,
I let you live in your little bubble where you think sex is about your pleasure – but I’m bursting it now. I’m bursting your bubble.
I cannot breathe the polluted poisonous air you breathe, where I am the mother, I am the sister, I am the nurturer, I am the goddess,
yet I am deprived and locked up. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally. I am your respect, yet I am not enough. I am desired, but I am not allowed.
I am to conquer everything, yet, I am not to be educated. I am to give life, but I shall never live the one I am given. “

Women always end up as victims of violence, torture, hate and ridicule. But today i stand with Actress Saloni Chopra to stand against pain and sorrows cursed on women.

#diary of a sober woman.


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