This plans will help you lose weight without cutting your budget nor spending extra on your meals. All you need is dedication, and time.

Most authors write about weight loss and makes it look scary or difficult to do….But following this simple rules i’m positive you will be glad you thought of loosing weight.

Firstly, i’ll advice to cut sugar, just like i mentioned in my previous article  DIET | WHAT DIETING IS ALL ABOUT 

Try to have dinner before 7:00pm daily.

Avoid junks, it does a lot of harm than you know.

Try eating more of vegetables and fruits.

Eat proteins, more of plant proteins[legumes, vegetables, etc], than animal proteins[meat, egg, etc]

When hungry, try to eat just enough to satisfy you, not make you feel stuffed.

Try eating more of avocados, peas, olives, cheeses, lemon, lime juice[lemonade]

I advice you take Liquids such as: water, mineral water, decaffeinated coffee or tea, diet soda, herbal tea [caffeine is not allowed]

Include Omega-3 oil, avocados, butter is allowed, margarine is not[ Margarine should be avoid not only because it is has carbohydrate contents, but because of it’s potential health hazards

All vegetable oil is allowed[walnut, soybean,……as long as it is labelled “cold pressed”.

Make use of cream instead of skimmed milk, soured cream instead of yogurt.

Try to hit the gym, once in a while, or take a run, or even a brisk walk could help do the magic.

Avoid carbohydrates and fats totally…….and see the magic..



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