How To Know Fake Mac Products

How To Know Fake Mac Products

How To Know Fake Mac Products

MAC is a very popular and trendy makeup line. But Due to the kinda world we live in many things sometimes could be created in shabby corners and brought out to the public market branded as the same original product.

Lots of people think going to cheap places to purchase makeup makes the cuts for them.

And even if it may look like the original MAC products, there are ways to detect a fake Mac Product


Firstly, there is no doubts that the text on the product will have spelling or grammatical errors.A friend spotted a fake Mac “Watrproof” eye pencil for sale, much to our amusement. Not all mistakes are as obvious though – the font might also be blurry, crooked or not in line with the font used on the authentic products.

How To Know Fake Mac Products
How To Know Fake Mac Products


You can identify a fake by merely looking at the colour. The best example of this are Mac brushes. The genuine brushes have a black handle that’s shot through with a very muted glitter, a silver ferule and Mac written on them in sliver, just above the number of the brush. The hairs can be white, black, brown or a combination of white and black.

More frequently than observed, fakes deviate from this. As illustrated above, they might have matte black handles, black or gold ferules and hairs in a colour that aren’t seen in the authentic collection. These fakers makes lots of mistakes without even knowing it.


You should always try to check the naming or numbering system of a brand you’re buying from. Mac, for instance, give names to all of their colour cosmetics (blush, mascara, lipstick etc.) but counterfeit products often just have numbers.


MAC as an examplary product does have a unique packaging. As mentioned above, you might notice something fishy in the colour or font used but the actual shape and size of the product can be indicative of its authenticity. Your best bet is to get the general gist of what a real product looks like, just like a MAC powder casing has a shiny glitter to it, to compare with the fake MAC products.

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Usually everyone knows that sometimes we classify the authenticity of a product based on cost. But sadly, this isn’t the case. While most counterfeit goods will be sold cheaply, I’ve seen countless sets on eBay or stalls, or online that are nearly as expensive as the genuine article. So i wouldn’t say cost is a factor for checking goods genuinty.


Most times the people that sell to us are quilty of not differentiating the differences for us, So my take is: try to buy from genuine retailers or ask from MAC customer care first.

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