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This article” I’M A MODEL, SO WHAT?” is straight outta my diary.

I’ve been meaning to write about this stuff, and as God may have it i am pleased to do that today.

So, most times we judge models without even trying to understand and see things from their own side.

  • I am a model, so i’m not supposed to walk on the street on slippers, but always walk on heels?
  • l shouldn’t join my mum at the market to fend for my family, do you think modelling pays everyday?
  • I’m a model i’m not allowed to own a Nokia torch phone, because it’s cheap?
  • I’m a model i’m not supposed to buy clothes from the usual “BEND DOWN SELECT BOUTIQUE”?

Common people, just give this set of people a break, try not to force models into being what they ain’t, and the painful thing is at the end of the day, we still judge their source of income. When all they want is to meet up with our endless nagging (you’re a model after all, you should look classic and trendy).


Models are humans and maybe we should stop trying to control models by words. Models are humans like you and I and are sourcing for a means of living. Like models are supposed to live luxuriously?……NO! Mind you some jobs don’t pay well, either.

The truth is, most times our pay ends at “THANK YOU”, after so much stress and expenses for doing a job, so how are we supposed to fit into that position you envision us to fit into?.

I believe every model represents something pretty unique, something different, and new. Why do you think we all were created in God’s image but we all look different?

That’s because we all have something different to represent.

Then why are models made to starve, look thin, tall, fine, straight legs, curved and all?

Every one is a unique being and a model in a specification.

MODELLING IS JUST A CAREER LIKE EVERY OTHER……….Stop tagging us bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#diary of a born critic writer

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