look good

Oh, yes
The girl is back…and today I wanna talk to all of us.
People, you don’t need to b a model or a super star or be searching for a relationship before you look good.

Most times, we miss d idea……the idea ain’t to look good for people. The idea is just to live healthy, so we live long.
I had a discussion with a friend about eight months ago. and she told me…. girlfriend u find it easy to talk to anyone about watching their shape.

Well, you are a model it is way easier on u, because you are a model. I laughed at her…..”well, I am better then you cos i am being paid to be watched..and not u?”….
People it makes no sense….the truth is, models take their time to workout…look good….and keep fit cos the truth is looking good is good business.

To look good is your responsibility. the choice to look good or better than anyone…is your responsibility. Wake up in the morning decide what you wanna be served. If you want to be addressed as a super model….Swity, dress the part. Once you got your cash and the resources all you need is just make a goddamned move.

Take a bold step, decide to look good. WORKOUT….do the water therapy…eat good food….avoid smoke…avoid lots of alcohol…take stunning photos.

Get a handy job, maintain a neat, healthy and decent life and tank me later.

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