DIET | WHAT DIETING IS ALL ABOUT: The word “diet” comes from a latin “diaeta” and greek “diata” words meaning “way of life” or “regimen”. Not something one does for two or three months and then stops. Which painfully is the case in the world we live in, but DIETING should be the way one eats “always”.

That’s how i will like you to think of dieting, because that’s one step to succeed at weight loss.

Most Americans and people in general eat a typical modern diet. Forty percent of them still end up over-weight…….Have you tried to ask yourself ….”Why?”

Basically, the food we eat are categorized into three basic categories.ote Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins. Proteins can be found in Animal And Plants. Proteins are found in their largest concentrations in animal foods, such as meat, fish, fowl, eggs, and cheese. They are also found in vegetables, foods such as nuts and seeds and high-protein legumes such as beans.

Fat comes in many varieties but exists in almost all animal foods and in many veggies, fruits, starches, and grains and in it’s purest form, refined sugar.

If you’ve been fat for a very long time, it’s almost certain that you have disturbed carbohydrate metabolism. That’s what studies have shown. This simply means that the sugars, the refined carbohydrates, the junk food that has become part of our everyday life has been a pretty quick poison to us.

Those foods are bad for your health, even thou that are fast and solve the problem at hand. But could be bad for your energy level, your mental state, and bad for your figure. It is as bad that it affects your career prospects, your sex life, bad for your digestion, bad for your blood chemistry, bad for the heart. In all, i’m trying to say that all this junks are totally bad and could do lots of harm.

Most of the over-weight people are quite carbohydrate sensitive, and that results badly, cos the more they consume carbohydrates, the more the risk of being addicts

And my suggestion is: You don’t need a low-fat solution, but a metabolic solution.

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